Our History

History of Christian Empowerment Microfinance

The seeds of CEMFIN were planted many years ago. The nurturing and diligent work of those who believed in the vision showed the patience to wait for the blossoming vine that is apparent today. CEMFIN validates the claim that, in God’s hands, the impossible is possible. In 2006, the vision carrier was one Zambian woman by the name of Mrs. Llyombe. As part of a Christian community within Lusaka, she saw a need. The idea was to support the work of the church through financially empowering those most vulnerable in the community. Microfinance was the avenue proposed to realize tangible change in the economic lives of those they were caring for. Soon, the vision was taken up by other members of the community including Pastor Kalonga and those who would form the CEMFIN Board. As they continued discussing this vision, especially with local missionaries Ken and Phyllis Lloyd, these individuals sought the help of partners outside of Zambia in the volunteer organization, PEER Servants. The vision now had momentum, but the work was just beginning. Man’s timing is small compared to the broader view of God. Choosing the right market and the long registration process, as well as the challenge of finding the funding without a guarantee of a fully established microfinance entity hindered progress. However this challenging time allowed CEMFIN, and those involved, to be “refined by the fire”. If they could pass through this unknown, anxious period, there would be confidence in the commitment of all involved. In 2011, at a moment where it seemed all was lost, or indefinitely delayed, word was given by the Bank of Zambia that CEMFIN’s application for certification was approved. Just like that, it was time to put flesh on the bones of the vision established back in 2006. A year later, in May 2012, CEMFIN officially gave out its first loans. Now, lives are being transformed and the hope is growing that CEMFIN can become a source of empowerment throughout Mongu and the nation of Zambia as a whole. Still, there is much work to do, but there is knowledge, born from experience, in the power of prayer, patience and faith necessary to carry on. The future is in God’s hands and CEMFIN can’t wait to be a part of the adventure!